What strategies can be adopted to integrate a circular economy approach within your organization?

Foto © Andreas Kraus

The focal point of the recent “Circular Economy in Dialogue” event, hosted by the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce in St. Pölten, revolved around one central inquiry: How can businesses implement circular economy principles within their operations?

Here’s an overview: What exactly does circular economy entail, and what economic and ecological opportunities does it present?

Drawing inspiration from trailblazers: Notably, exemplary cases from various sectors of the Austrian economy in St. Pölten illustrated how circular economy practices are already being employed, spanning industries such as construction, plastics processing, and food production. Among the showcased entities were Miraplast Plastics Processing, Bakery Lechner, Vöslauer, Schmid Industrieholding, Tchibo Austria, and PORR Environmental Technology.

Next step: Assess the specific potential of circular economy integration within your own company. What business opportunities align with your current operations, and how can they be effectively implemented? What actionable areas exist for production companies right now? Key focus areas include material selection, circular design, and circular business models.

During the event, a workshop led by Christina Krenn (STENUM GmbH) and Johannes Fresner (STENUM GmbH & RFA member) provided participants with the chance to analyze their respective companies and formulate practical measures for integrating circular economy practices. Through collaborative efforts, attendees from model companies brainstormed innovative approaches, touching upon topics such as material selection, product design for recyclability, the adoption of rental models, and the expansion of service offerings.

Embrace the role of a circular economy pioneer and embark on your own initiatives!

The event, spearheaded by the Lower Austrian Economic Chamber, was facilitated by Karin Huber-Heim, Executive Director of the Circular Economy Forum Austria.


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