SIMPLA is targetting the harmonization of regional energy concepts with mobility plans. The goal is to offer regional sustainable mobility while minimizing CO2 emissions. Details on this Horizon 2020 funded project can be found at In Austria, the implementation concepts of the climate and energy model regions in Carinthia are harmonized with the MoMaK (Mobility Action Plan Carinthia). The following workshops so far have taken place:

Topic Speaker
E-Car-Sharing Klimacoach Markus Rapold

Public transport/Micro public transport

Mag. Heschtera, Geschäftsführer des Verkehrsverbunds Kärnten

E-Mobility and charging infrastructure (combination with PV plants)

Gerald Miklin

Landesregierung Kärnten

Active mobility: Everyday biking and cycling routes

Peter Zenkl

Landesregierung Kärnten



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