Safe, efficient and clean! Increasing resource efficiency for laundries, dry cleaners and dyers

The brochure produced by STENUM is a guide for textile cleaning companies and laundries in the recurring inspection of operating equipment acc. § 82b of the Austrian Industrial Code. It also has a procedure for energy and resource optimization and provides tips for measures to increase energy, water and chemicals efficiency.  Optimization measures are presented using the onion layers principle. In the first step, the management of processes should be optimized. In the second step, technical optimization of equipment, retrofitting of controls and exchanging outdated machines should be considered. In the third step the potential for heat recovery should be exploited.

Download: Sicher, effizient und sauber! Steigerung der Ressourceneffizienz für Textilreiniger, Wäscher und Färber

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STENUM Environmental Consultancy and Research supports companies in increasing the resource efficiency and the continuous improvement so that they contribute to sustainable development.

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