Economic development requires the use of materials. The global increase in resource consumption with its consequences such as climate change, scarcity and volatility makes a change in resources, i.e. the absolute decoupling of economic development and material consumption indispensable. Resource efficiency, circular economy and bioeconomy are decisive paradigms for solutions, and manufacturing companies are key players.

The best ideas for optimization often come from the company itself! Targeted use of the knowledge and experience of employees in your company in order to continuously work on improving resource efficiency is often a challenge. The workshop presented methods and examples of success so that other companies can better use this potential in the future.

Idea management or company suggestion schemes can make a significant contribution to increasing operational material and energy efficiency and support your already implemented management systems.

The workshop on February 12th was part of the Material Efficiency Laboratory project, commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology and was organized by STENUM GmbH and Resource Forum Austria in cooperation with Regional Management Obersteiermark West, Kraft des Murtal and the Chamber of Commerce Styria.


STENUM Environmental Consultancy and Research supports companies in increasing the resource efficiency and the continuous improvement so that they contribute to sustainable development.

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