International projects

Central Europe Program Project

PRESOURCE - Promotion of Resource Efficiency in SMEs

Development of an integrated approach to the holistic identification of Ecoinnovation measures in manufacturing companies, and assistance for financing.


SIMPLA - Sustainable Integrated Multi-sector Planning

SIMPLA supports local authorities in the harmonization of SEAPs and SUMPs. The four- step approach aims to promote the harmonized planning and implementation of SEAPs and SUMPs. Trainings and individual coaching tailored to the needs of the participants support the joint development of sustainable energy and mobility plans.

Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) project

IUSES - Intelligent Use of Energy at School

IUSES is aimed at junior high school students with the aim to convey the basic principles of energy efficiency. The project develops a participatory teaching program, which includes: manuals, multimedia animations, and an experimental toolkit.

Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) project

PATRES - Public Administration Training and Coaching on Renewable Energy Systems

As part of the project, strategic energy action plans have been developed with municipalities and measures have been developed to enhance the use of renewable energy in municipalities.

Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) project

PiNE - Promoting Industrial Energy Efficiency

Development of tools for energy audits in SMEs, application in 280 manufacturing companies in Austria, Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria.

Republic of Rwanda

Ministry of trade, industry and east African community affairs

Resource efficient and cleaner production investment guidelines for new industries.

Belgrade University of Technology

Preparation of a handbook for the implementation of energy efficiency in IPPC poultry and pig farms.


Booklet of best practice examples and disseminate resource efficiency, cleaner production and energy efficiency in CIS countries

GIZ South Africa

Cooperation in the preparation of the training curriculum and training materials for in-house energy auditors.

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STENUM Environmental Consultancy and Research supports companies in increasing the resource efficiency and the continuous improvement so that they contribute to sustainable development.

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