Research projects


Integrated and optimized energy management system: Creation of an integrated, industrial energy management system taking into account the optimized data acquisition, the decision- oriented data condensation for energetic optimization of all media used, considering the the total media supply network.


Holistic study on the optimized utilization of the waste heat flows in the low temperature range in three Austrian steel processing companies: Utilization of the waste heat from the exhaust gas, the water of the quench cooling and the exhaust air from the cooling beds, e.g. for billet preheating, or the use of waste heat boilers for steam generation and district heating, from the cooling water circuit with absorption heat pumps to use this energy in secondary processes (pickling, hydraulic oil heating, space heating).


Increasing energy efficiency in the steel processing industry by recovering radiant heat at the hook conveyers and at cooling beds: Development of concepts for the recovery of radiant heat during product cooling in three Austrian steel processing companies (tube, wire and construction steel) to significantly reduce the primary energy demand.


Storage-assisted electricity generation out of discontinuous waste heat with an ORC plant at voestalpine Tubulars GmbH & Co. KG: Development of an economical plant concept through the optimal combination of waste heat recovery, high-temperature heat storage and ORC plant using the example of voestalpine Tubulars GmbH & Co KG.


Zero Emission Retrofitting for Existing Surface Treatment Plants: A methodical approach to the rigorous optimization of existing surface engineering facilities with the aim of emission and effluent free and low cost operation, optimization of background data and three case studies.


Zero Emission Retrofitting for existing textile plants: Methodological approach to optimize existing textile operations to minimize waste, chemical consumption, water consumption and energy use.

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