3-day intensive training on Resource Efficient an Cleaner Production in Azerbaijan


The purpose of this particular 3-day intensive training on RECP was to provide hands-on experience and advanced training on the application of the RECP methodology in a wider number of manufacturing companies to companies´ internal team, and energy and environmental professionals.

As a result of the training program, participants will be able to understand how the RECP methodology is applied to manufacturing enterprises and will have generated RECP measures and projects for their companies to improve the resource efficiency in their production processes.  The development of a local expertise is one important mean for ensuring long-term results with a continued RECP adoption, as a consequence of UNIDO programme.

Participants of the training were trained and familiarized with the different tools (presentations, templates, worksheets etc.) which will allow them to implement all the RECP audit activities by themselves.

The training programme gave the participants the required capacity to develop a practical In-plant Assessment for RECP projects as well as for new projects in the future.

The participants learned:

    • What is RECP
    • How to assess efficiency of production processes and identify opportunity areas
    • Good RECP practices – energy efficiency, water and material management
    • RECP projects development
    • Business planning and obtaining financing

The Action is funded by the European Union and implemented by five Partner organisations: OECD, UNECE, UNEP, UNIDO and the World Bank based on a budget of some EUR 20 million. More information:   



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